Seachem Purigen

Purigen is designed to be a "super carbon" of sorts. Taking out impurities of the water. This can help get clearer water in the way of getting rid of tanins. Can also remove toxins from the water as well. It is rechargeable etc. Known to be compatible with aquatic fertilizers etc. While this isn't required to run a great aquarium, many people feel they wouldn't run a tank without it.


The 100ml size comes in it's own pouch so all you do is add it to your filter.

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expensive but it works

I use this in addition to mechanical and biological filtration in a Eheim filter and like it because my plants are still seemingly able to uptake fertilizers. Thus, it's the only chemical filtration I've found that is planted tank friendly, in my view. My tanks are very clear with it.

Crystal clear water

The water gets so clear in my fancy goldfish tank that they look like they are floating in air. I have tried recharging it with bleach but haven't had much success with it and I end up tossing it. It is not worth the extra trouble of bleaching only one bag

Is Purigen Worth a try?

This is my first time using the Purigen.
Having a large (150 Gallon) South American - Planted Discus community tank, maintaining optimal water quality is a challenge from the large amount of uneaten food and plant waste present at times. I use two SunSun 603 pre-filter into two SunSun 703B Canisters in which each has two 100ml bags of Purigen. Water has been clearer for sure. I also use a polishing Magnum at water changes... Crystal! Again fast Co-op service and well packaged as usual.

Good product

Good product. Fast shipping and well packaged. I've used this product in the past many times. It's a pretty good water polisher. It's also really helpful to have in your emergency kit for mystery ammonia spikes.


definitely love this stuff. Keeps my water very clear, and my fish very happy. Just do yourself a favor...don't squeeze the used/black/brown purigen pouch. especially if you mean to recharge it.

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