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Aquarium Co-Op Coarse Sponge Filter

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  • Coarse Sponge (20ppi)
  • Green Plastic
  • Sinks right away
  • Can install an air stone inside

It's finally here! Our very own sponge filter. Having used sponge filters for over a decade, I've grown to love them and often dreamed about how I would improve them. We started out by using a coarse foam so it is easier to clean and won't get clogged up with debris it collects. It also sinks the first time! No longer do you have to keep squeezing to get the air out and keep it sunk. Next we made the plastic green. This blends into a planted aquarium and hides green algae that grows. Lastly we designed it so you can install an air stone inside. This helps quiet the sponge filter and give it an even up flow pattern. 

Customer Reviews

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Best I’ve used

I really like the sizes they come in and the courser sponge. I still prefer a clear lift tube and gray base but that’s just a preference.

Sponge filter

Looks good in the tank,quality materials used.


I dig the green color on this sponge filter! My tank back is painted black, so with a black air line feeding the filter it disappears among the plants.


I have been in the aquarium hobby for almost 2 decades and I have use almost every type filtration on the market. Sponge filters are a favorite of mine to use. But, these are one of the best if not THE BEST on the market. They work wonderful for every style of aquarium. Thanks Aquarium Co-op!!

Works as it should, but doesnt' polish the water.

I like the opportunity to put an air stone inside to control the bubble size. But I don't like that it doesn't polish the water. I understand the coops reasoning behind this since restricting flow can kill of bacteria, but I hope that eventually there will be a finer sponge option to polish the water that could pair with this, maybe by putting a course sponge on top and a finer on bottom. Something like a duel sponge filter to get the the mechanical and biological filtration.