Nano Tank Hang on Back Filter

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  • Adjustable flow control knob 
  • Excellent for small aquariums under 10 gallons
  • Great betta tank filter

This nano hang-on-back filter is excellent for aquariums up to 10 gallons. It moves 52 gallons per hour and has an adjustable flow knob for fish who need lower flow such as bettas. It comes fully equipped with media and an intake sponge. However, upgrading to our mini pre filter sponge is ideal as it offers greater coverage of the intake tube with less clogging from debris. Hot rod this filter by adding coarse sponge to the media portion rather than the provided cartridges.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Virginia M. (Des Moines, IA, US)
Wonderful filter!

I received this sponge filter today and it’s running quietly! I’m 79 and live alone and recently bough a beta fish and all the accessories required. I’ve always wanted a sponge filter for my 5 gallon tank, and the instructions were simple enough that I could get this installed own! I consider that a miracle!
I wanted a planted aquarium and I have been ordering all of my plants from aquarium coop.
I had ordered a filter from a large company in China. It came without instructions and it was very confusing. I immediately returned it!
Aquarium Co-op is wonderful!

L.B. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
Perfect filter for my 5.5 gal!

It was packaged nicely, and came with a STCIKER! The filter itself was easy to set up. I love the adjustable flow. It’s also very quiet! The filter lid makes a tiny bit of noise but it not noticeable among my other filters and humming sounds XD I’ll definitely be buying from here again!

Alex j. (Rockville Centre, NY, US)
Great upgrade

I have a 5g aqueon mini bow and wasn't too fond of the filter in it so I took it out and put this nano hob in and I like it! Wasn't sure about some things and contacted customer service and candi responded asap and helped me out. So wonderful. The box said self priming but had to initially fill it up with water to get it started. And managed to get in the course sponge(cut the thickness in half) polishing pad and my bag of matrix. Awesome. Love that it has adjustable flow. I have it on low which is alot more than how the aqueon filter was which is great. I just wish the extra aco nano pre filter sponge I had fit good on the intake it was too loose so I use the one that came in the box for now. So this was another great buy from aquarium co op I'm happy with it.

Dustin B. (Jacksonville, FL, US)
Great pump for my Betta

I've been having issues trying to find a pump that was Betta friendly. I got a new 5 gal tank but the pump was too strong for my Betta. I used sponges and zip ties in the discharge, would usually create more issues than solutions. Saw Aquarium Coop on you tube and as soon as I saw this pump, I had to have it. It's been nothing but excellent. Better filteration and the adjustable flow control. Now I've got a happy Betta that swims all over his tank and doesn't spend his days hiding from the pumps discharge. Love this thing!

MH (Belleville, IL, US)
Great for a nano tank

I used pot scrubbers and the coarse sponge + pre filter from Aq Co-Op. This was perfect for a nano and easily customisable. Way better than the filter that came with the tank. It also hides well for a hang on back.

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