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When it comes to fish tank equipment, freshwater aquariums usually need an aquarium heater to keep the water at warmer temperatures and an aquarium filter to keep the water clean. Most tropical aquarium fish are kept at 78°F (26°C), which is higher than the average room temperature if you have air conditioning or heating in your home. Using a fish tank heater to maintain a steady, warm temperature is less stressful on your pet fish and therefore can help prevent diseases. Some freshwater fish prefer cooler or hotter temperatures, so consider getting an adjustable aquarium heater that allows you to raise or lower the water temperature as needed. For fish tank heaters that don’t come with a temperature display, don’t forget to get an aquarium thermometer so that you can make sure the heater is still plugged in and working properly. If you’re not sure what size fish tank heater you need, check out our article on how to choose the right aquarium heater.

If you want to have a beautiful aquarium, a fish tank filter will go a long way in helping you achieve that look of crystal-clear water. Aquarium filtration is responsible for clearing up cloudy aquarium water, circulating the water to prevent stagnation, and improving water quality so that your fish have a safe environment to live in. An aquarium sponge filter is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most reliable types of fish filters in the hobby. The gentle flow makes it perfect for keeping nano fish, raising fish fry, or breeding cherry shrimp. Hang-on-back filters are also a popular choice, often included as part of all-in-one fish tank kits for beginners. They have the advantage of being easy to use and customize. There are many types of fish tank filters and pumps to choose from, so read our article on which type is the best aquarium filter for your setup.