Fritz Expel-P

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  • Treatment for Parasites
  • Effective Against Planaria
  • Plant and Invertebrate Safe

Expel-P from Fritz Aquatics is used as a deworming medication and is intended to treat parasites such as Planaria, Nematodes (like Camallanus Red Worms), Roundworms, Nodular Worms and Hookworms. Symptoms in new and sick fish can include worms visibly protruding from the anus of the fish, wasting, abdominal bloating, disinterest in food, or rapid breathing or gasping. The active ingredient used in Expel P is Levamisole HCl. Expel-P will not harm biological filtration, plants, invertebrates or fish which are not infected. 

We recommend using an airstone when treating with this medication. 

Expel-P does not treat Cestodes (tapeworms) or Trematodes (flukes). For these parasites, try Fritz ParaCleanse.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Erin D. (Seattle, WA, US)
Favorite Dewormer For Pea Puffers

I've used this stuff twice to treat pea puffers for internal parasites. Works great!

Jeremiah E. (Deatsville, AL, US)

Fritz Expel-P

Kerri (Bothell, WA, US)
It works! What comes out might be gross...

My wildcaught honeycomb catfish has been struggling with internal parasites for a while. After 4 or so attempts with General Cure, I finally caved and got Expel-P. It's like GC would slow it but never really get rid of it. Her stomach continued to cave inward. (Poor baby...) Finally was able to catch her, put her in quarantine, and dose her with Fritz Expel-P. Not even 24hrs later I siphoned out 2-3 wormy things about 1mm thick by about 2mm in length (huge!!). Her energy level in the coming days was so much higher!

I deviated from the recommended dosing schedule. 2 doses 48hrs apart. I gave her a 100% water change after the last dose. Gave her a break for almost a week. Then did one more dose mixed with a 5 day treatment of erythromycin followed by another 100% water change. Now she's healing in clean water. No visible parasites have come out ever since the first dose. Her **** is finally starting to look normal. Minimal white bits. She isn't rushing to eat but I'm getting a few instances where she'll suddenly eat more. I assume she had some damage from those parasites that just needs time. Overall very pleased with Expel-P. It definitely did its job.

Also worth mentioning that she was fed spirulina brine shrimp most of the first week to help clear her out while the medicine was active. I tried an occasional bloodworm to fatten her up but she wasn't interested.

Strongly recommend using this in a substrate free setup without access to sponges (nothing can hide). Made parasite, ****, and food monitoring very easy. I siphoned old food and ****/debris daily since she was in a 5 gal bucket with no filter. This also meant I had to half the doses. Honestly I think the setup worked really well for Expel-P. I would do it again.

Lee W. (Slidell, LA, US)
Ummm, its medicine

My fish lived, so yaaay medicine. More helpful was Cory's quarantine vid.

April B. (Maryville, TN, US)

Fritz Expel-P