Methylene Blue

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  • Prevents fungal infections on fish eggs
  • Treats nitrite and cyanide poisoning in fish
  • Treats fungus and external protozoan parasites on fish

Methylene blue is commonly used by fish breeders to prevent and treat fungal infections on fish eggs, as well as treat fish with cyanide and nitrite poisoning. As a secondary use case, it can help treat superficial fungus and some external protozoan parasites on fish. The disease symptoms can include white tufts or strands on the body (fungus) and scratching on the tank bottom or objects (external parasites).

Royal Medicine Methylene Blue

Treat Egg Fungus

A Little Goes A Long Way

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Improve Your Hatch Rate

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Will N. (Memphis, TN, US)
Walter White approved

With the UK banning Methlyne blue, I’m glad I got my stock. Thanks Corydoras and the team!

Thien N. (Houston, TX, US)
Best medicine

This is the best product in the world, everyone should have one for fish . Take the fish out the tank to the small tank , use it for 10 minutes with oxygen for the medicine in the faster . After that take fish back to the tank . They swim better , eat better .

Christopher B. (Zahl, ND, US)
Methylene Blue

Worked very well. Shipping was quick

Kyle M. (Little Rock, AR, US)
Methalyne Blue

Great product. Simple instructions.