Java Moss Mat

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  • Grows easily with low light demands and no specific parameter requirements
  • Wraps around decor with a flexible wire grid, attaching itself to desired areas
  • Protects small fish and shrimp from getting eaten or harassed by larger fish
  • Adds a sense of age to any aquarium, imitating the look of dense overgrowth

Can’t Grow Plants? Add This Practically Indestructible Plant To Your Aquarium And Finally Enjoy Dense, Luscious Growth

The Aquarium Co-Op™ Java Moss Mat ranks among the best plants for beginners. Versatile and low maintenance, its dense cover offers suitable hiding places for small fish and shrimp. Attached to a flexible wire grid, it wraps around decor to instantly add a naturalistic element to any aquarium.

Have you ever said, “I can’t keep anything alive,” or have sworn up and down that you don’t have a green thumb?

Widely available and multi-functional in its usage, Java Moss is a must-try for beginners because it’s easy to grow and tolerant of mistakes. With low light demands and no specific parameter requirements, Java Moss is a great choice for those working with live plants for the first time.

While Java Moss can free-float in your aquarium, we attach ours to a flexible wire grid. This makes it easy for you to set on top of substrate to start a carpet, or wrap around aquarium decor for a naturally aged look. In time, Java Moss will grab hold of and cover any desired surface, making it ideal for decorating hardscape or hiding equipment.

Although Java Moss has no specific fertilization requirements and can grow prolifically off fish waste, it’s considered a water column feeder and can benefit from a liquid fertilizer. Healthy Java Moss takes on a deep green color, grows densely in all directions, and has a stringy appearance.

Java Moss is also useful when breeding fish. Without anywhere to hide, defenseless fry can become an easy snack for larger fish. Java Moss provides natural cover for fry, improving your spawn’s survival rate. Additionally, the plant doubles as a safe place for spawning fish to drop their eggs, making Java Moss a natural alternative to yarn spawning mops.

The Aquarium Co-OpJava Moss Mat is a no-brainer for all aquarists, from beginners working with live plants for the first time, to breeders looking to maximize their spawning potential.

Customer Reviews

Based on 731 reviews
Mansing (Queens, NY, US)
Easy plant to care for

Received the Moss Mat in excellent condition. The Java Moss is easy to care for and does well in my aquariums.

Jordon R. (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Growing great!

Very happy with the Java Moss. Packaging was great!

Chris Y. (Milford, CT, US)
Easy to use mat

I wasn't quite sure how the mat part would work, but it's a thin wire mesh that's bendable cut into a square. The java moss is woven into the wire mesh. I got two, one for each of my tanks. So far no issues. I'm just waiting for them to propagate, but I don't think that's going to be a problem. The mats appeared to be clean and free of other species as well.

Micheal (Trenton, UT, US)
Sick dude

A relatively generous portion of Java moss for the price. Snail and pest free as usual. Thank you aquarium co op.

Parker (Tampa, FL, US)
Arrived packed great.

Just unboxed my piece of moss. It was packed great but the temperature has been insanely hot so when I open the package it was pretty darn toasty. The Moss look stressed but it will be fine. It's going to be looking good in a few days. I am very pleased with this. The picture is like 2 minutes after putting it in the tank. I'm sure it will flourish and be wonderful.