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  • Easy To Care For
  • Grows Large
  • Great for Angelfish

Amazon Swords are one of the oldest-kept plants in the hobby, loved for their ease of care and ability to tolerate a wide range of conditions.

Amazon Swords can grow 20 inches tall or more, making them a great choice of background plant for larger aquariums or centerpiece for small aquariums.

They have long, pointed leaves which are bright green to dark green in color. Angelfish have even been known to use Amazon Sword's large leaves as a surface to lay eggs.   

Customer Reviews

Based on 515 reviews
First live aquarium plant I have ever bought.

I have never had a live plant in my aquarium before. After two weeks the amazon sword has two new chutes. One leaf is about three inches and the other one is about an inch. The packing of my plant was so impressive! I will only buy live plants from here until you guys give me a reason not to. Thanks!

Sam P.
Great plant

Still healthy after 2 weeks. Would buy again!

Kylee C. (Colorado Springs, CO, US)
Awesome Plants

The swords arrived big and healthy, and surprisingly did not come with any snails or snail eggs! For now I'm dosing lean fertilizers and no light other than the ambient kitchen lights. But, I am adding a root tab per plant. I will be putting a light on the tank in about two or three weeks.

Kenneth C.
Alsaka Shipping

My plants and accessories arrive in time and in perfect order….thanks for shipping to Alaska!!!!

Alyssa (Bellflower, CA, US)

Amazon swords are so easy to maintain! Mine grew within 3 weeks, they are so long and green now. They make my fish tank look amazing!! They were hardly even visible when I first planted them, now they’re hard to miss.