Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

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Cryptocoryne wendtii 'Green' is a variant of crypt wendtii and has the same care requirements. It does not require high light and will grow to about 6-8 inches in height making it an ideal midground plant in aquascaping. Unlike regular crypt wendtii, crypt wendtii 'Green' will produce deep green, ruffled leaves, which makes this plant stand out in any tank.

Crypt wendtii 'Green' is a rather slow grower, but will produce runners which will eventually grow into new plants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 253 reviews
Brian H. (O'Fallon, MO, US)
Unbelievable fast shipping - plants looked perfect

I can’t believe how fast these came … perfectly packaged and in beautiful shape

Suzanne S. (Indian Trail, NC, US)
Looks great in the tank!

Very happy with the Crypt Wentti. I am going to order a red one now!

Kathy F. (Springfield, MO, US)
Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green

I only buy my plants from Aquarium Co-op, they always direct me to the right plants for the right fish that I have, and they always give me a good crop so that they last a long time.

Nick M. (Riverside, CA, US)
Great plants and quick delivery

Plants arrived in great condition and I was actually really impressed with the packaging. I always cut the leaves off to avoid dealing with melt and these plants were showing signs of new healthy growth in a day or two

Bea (Catskill, NY, US)
Happy, Healthy, Beauteous Crypts!

The three crypts I received looked So much better than the picture on the website. Big, Beautiful, as Healthy as you can imagine. Gave them 2 or 3 days to settle in still in their baskets before I planted them in their 'forever' homes. Carefully removed them and most of the rock wool mindful to protect their well developed roots and planted them along with root tabs. This all happened about two weeks ago. Plants doing Grand! I expected and watched for 'crypt melt' but only one small leaf out of three large plant bunches so far. And now we have new growth. Best crypts I've ordered in some time! With the Co-op it goes without saying (but in case you don't know)...each was carefully packaged and they arrived in extreme speedy fashion. (three days coast to coast!)