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When you first set up a planted aquarium, it’s important to get the right planted tank lighting, plant substrate, hardscape, and of course the live aquatic plants themselves. After the planted tank setup is completed though, you need some tools to keep the aquarium plants happy and thriving.

Just as humans require certain nutrients to live, plants must have the right mix of macronutrients and micronutrients to grow properly. To help beginners be more successful with their aquatic plants, we developed an all-in-one aquarium plant fertilizer called Easy Green that’s simple to use without a lot of measuring, more potent than most other liquid plant fertilizers on the market, and reasonably priced so that a little goes a long way. Simply add 1 pump of our aquatic plant fertilizer once a week for every 10 gallons of water if you have a low light tank. Dose that concentration twice a week for medium to high light tanks. Ideally, you should aim to fertilize the aquarium up to 20 ppm of nitrate to ensure your aquarium plants get enough nutrients.

Given the popularity of our Easy Green aquarium plant food, we also developed Easy Iron to bring out the color in red aquatic plants, Easy Potassium for aquariums filled with heavy potassium feeders like java fern and anubias, and Easy Root Tabs for root-feeding plants such as Amazon swords and cryptocoryne plants.

Other aquascaping supplies you may find useful include curved scissors for pruning aquarium plants, tweezers to help with easy planting, plant weights to keep stem plants from floating out of the substrate, and super glue gel to attach plants to driftwood and aquarium rocks.