Aquarium Co-Op CO2 Regulator


NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.
For existing customers, view this page for product support information, and contact Customer Service with any warranty issues.

  • Dual stage CO2 regulator
  • Precision needle valve and bubble counter
  • Expandable manifold for up to 6 aquariums
  • 1-year, hassle-free Aquarium Co-Op warranty

Grow aquatic plants faster by injecting pressurized carbon dioxide in your planted aquarium. Using the Aquarium Co-Op CO2 regulator will ensure a steady and reliable release of CO2 gas as it features a dual stage design. The two easy-to-read gauges show both tank volume and working pressure. Included is a bubble counter for easy adjustments of CO2 levels as well as a solenoid valve which can be plugged into a timer for precise timing of CO2 release.

Multiple manifold blocks can be added to this regulator to expand your CO2 system to multiple aquariums at once. Each manifold block features its own bubble counter for precise adjustment of gas to each aquarium individually.

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How to Set Up an Aquarium CO2 System the Easy Way

– Reduces CO2 in two stages for more stable, reliable flow and to avoid end-of-tank dumps
– Fits standard cylinder tanks that have the male thread size CGA320 (not intended for use with paintball tanks)
– Uses a power adaptor with 100-240 VAC input and 12 VDC output
– Includes an electronic solenoid that can be used with a timer to schedule the CO2 dosing
– Comes with a bubble counter and integrated check valve
– Expands with optional manifold block add-ons to run up to 6 aquariums
– Works with standard CO2 diffusers operating at approximately 40–50 psi

CO2 Scheduling: Plug the regulator into a Wi-Fi timer and program the timer to turn on 1–2 hours before the light comes on and turn off 1 hour before the light shuts off. (If you only have one timer, you can use the same timer with a power strip so that the light and regulator turn on and off at the same time.)