Aquarium Co-Op Heater

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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.
For existing customers, view this page for product support information, and contact Customer Service with any warranty issues.

  • 1-year Aquarium Co-Op warranty
  • Built-in heater guard 
  • Extra-long, 11.8-foot cord

The Aquarium Co-Op heater comes in two sizes — 50 watt and 100 watt. It is compact, accurate, and thoughtfully designed to avoid some of the problems we encounter with many other heater brands on the market. If you do run into a problem, Aquarium Co-Op provides a 1-year, hassle-free warranty on this heater where we will refund you the cost of the heater.

This heater is easy to position within the aquarium and has a built-in heater guard to protect the unit from damage. You can quickly adjust the temperature without getting your hands wet, since the adjustable temperature controller is located in the middle of the power cord and sits outside the aquarium. Plus, the cord itself is extra long and extends 11.8 feet, so reaching the outlet is much easier compared to many other heaters. (The cord length between the heater and controller is 4 feet.)

The heater is intended for indoor use only, so please make sure the tank water is around room temperature before plugging it in. Do not operate or plug in the unit unless the heater is fully submerged underwater.

Note: When you first plug in the heater, a yellow indicator light will briefly turn on and then turn off again. The yellow light will turn on again once the unit has run for 17,520 hours, which is 2 years of being plugged in full time. At this point, the heater will still continue to work, but the yellow light reminds you that it has reached the end of its expected life and it may be time to start thinking about replacing the unit to ensure the highest performance. The red indicator light turns on whenever the heater is actively heating the water, and the temperature display is always on to show the current water temperature.

Download the Manual

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– Digital display
– 11.8-foot power cord (with 4 feet between the heater and the controller)
– 1-year, hassle-free Aquarium Co-Op warranty
– Automatic over-temperature protection
– Built-in heater guard
– Temperature accuracy +/-2 degrees F
– Temperature range of 64–91°F
– 4 replacement suction cups included
– Settings are saved when power is lost

What Size Heater Should I Get?
Recommending a size for a heater is difficult because there are so many factors that go into correct sizing. These include room temperature, material the aquarium is made out of, how high the temperature is set, if other equipment like filters are running (which add heat), and finally if the aquarium has a tight fitting lid.
– In our experience, our 100W heater can heat up to a 75-gallon tank in a home with a proper fitting lid at 78°F. However, add a second heater or reduce the tank size for non-optimal conditions.
The 50W heater is recommended for aquariums that are 10 gallons and up. They can be used in smaller tanks without a lid, but in those cases, we recommend setting the heater to 2 degrees below the target temperature.

Why is the Heater Getting Hotter Than My Setting?
If the temperature controller is set to 78°F, then the heater actively heats the water until it reaches 78°F and then it stops. However, the residual heat from the heater will continue to warm the water until the heater completely cools down. If you have a small tank size, a tight-fitting lid, a light, or other equipment in the aquarium, all of these factors may increase the temperature in the water even more.

How Do I Adjust the Heater's Set Temperature?
To adjust the heater to the desired temperature, press the SET button once on the temperature controller. While the temperature display is still blinking, press the SET button again to change the desired temperature by 1°F increments. (The desired temperature cycles from 64°F to 91°F, meaning that you need to increase the heater up to the highest temperature setting of 91°F before it goes back down to 64°F.) When the desired temperature is reached, do not touch the SET button for 3 seconds. Once the blinking stops, the desired temperature has been saved.

– The heating unit itself is fully submersible. Do not submerge the temperature control mechanism.
– If the suction cups do not stay attached, please make sure to clean the aquarium wall before attaching the heater. We recommend using an algae scrubber or other appropriate tool for wiping off any algae or debris to ensure that the surface is completely clear and flat.

How to Choose the Right Aquarium Heater