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Ammonia Filter Pad-Aquarium Co-Op
Ammonia Filter Pad-Aquarium Co-Op
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These are cut to fit pads that work in any filter. This pad absorbs ammonia. Best used for potential ammonia spikes. Such as moving an aquarium, doing a large cleaning on a tank or after a power outage. 

We are often asked "how long do these last?" It depends on the amount of ammonia, the only way to tell is by measuring ammonia. The more ammonia in the aquarium, the faster it will be exhausted. 

Our Ammonia pads come in a rigid 17.5 inch long and 9.8 inch wide pad. They are easy to cut to any size you need for your filter. They come folded in half and may we may need to fold them again to fit them in your shipping box. Also a great secondary polishing pad to remove unwanted waste and particles.

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