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Baby Tears

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This is a relatively easy to grow stem plant. Prefers medium light if you can give it to it. Lots of small leaves to offer a nice contrast. Does best if planted with stem groupings separated so that they don't shade each other. It is common for new plants to get unrooted during the initial planting. Once established it's an easy grower. 
  • Scientific Name: Hemianthus Sp
  • Skill Level: Medium
  • Placement: Mid to Background
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***



Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Growing quickly

I bought two baby tears, and they came in perfect condition. I am continually impressed by Aquarium Co-op's shipping. Two weeks after being planted they have almost doubled in size! This is without CO2 supplements, just with 10 hours a day of aquarium lighting and liquid fertilization. Highly recommend them, they are a great background plant for a nano tank and provide some beautiful texture.

Great plants!

I ordered plants for aquarium co-op and amazon, and I will never order from anywhere but here again! The plants I got are doing so well! I love my baby tears the most!

Great buy!

All my plants came in good shape!

Didn't travel great

This is one of the first plants I have ordered from the Coop that did not seem to travel particularly well, it has been several weeks and the plant still looks very sad (in a tank with great light and CO2). Definitely will continue to keep ordering from here, but just wanted to let you know if you need a plant that comes in looking perfect due to the sensitive structure of this plant it doesn't seem to travel as well as others


The plants got delivered in 3 days and I live in Indiana. Baby tears look healthy with good white roots.