Bacopa Caroliniana

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  • Stem Plant
  • Tall Growth
  • Hardy

Bacopa caroliniana is a relatively easy to grow stem plant which will reach over 10 inches tall if left untrimmed. It can thrive even under low light and does not grow exceptionally quickly, making it a great choice for beginners.

The leaves of Bacopa caroliniana will retain a nice light green color and may display a more yellow color at the tips as the plant grow closer to the light. Bacopa Caroliniana has bold, rounded leaves and thick stems. Since it grows fairly tall, it will do well as a background plant in any size aquarium.

Customer Reviews

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Some g. (Sacramento, CA, US)
The most prolific non-floating plant I've ever grown

It almost goes without saying but every shipment I've received from Aquarium Co-op has been flawless and their customer service is exceptionally good. It has grown and multiplied like crazy in my tanks. It grows out of the surface and makes cute purple flowers that smell like citrus. The leaves sometimes turn red when they get really close to the light source. This plant is great bang for your buck considering how easy it is to grow, how much color it has, and how fast it propagates.

new R.D.L.c.t. (Rockville, CT, US)
Bacopa Caroliniana

Bacopa Caroliniana arrived in good shape. Leaves have spread out and plant is obviously growing already. The information provided on the site is very helpful in selecting and caring for aquatic plants. Thank you for making my hobby more fun!

#SAHMAQUARIST (Saint Joseph, MI, US)

My bacopa has new growth already. Happy with purchase.

Anthony H. (Cincinnati, OH, US)
High Quality

The plant I received looked great out of the box, but really looked great after a couple of days acclimating. A week and a half later I’m already starting to see new growth!

John S. (Houston, TX, US)
Excellent plants

Plants came well packing and excellent shape!