Bucephalandra "Green Wavy"

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  • Nano Plant
  • Rare
  • Small Leaves

This is an anubias like plant. Requires the same care, low light, easy to grow, but more rare. A great addition to any nano tank or large tank alike. Feed it some water column fertilizer and it should thrive for you. Relatively easy to flower under water as well.

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Ken W. (South Jordan, UT, US)
Great company and products!

Plant arrived in great condition. It is winter and temperatures are below freezing, Aquarium Co-Op packaged the plant in an insulated bag with a heat pack. Other companies I have purchased from require you to purchase an insulated package and heat pack. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

Greg B. (Orlando, FL, US)
Healthy Bucephalandra

As is typical with a small pot like this, I separated it out into 5 bunches, and glued to some stones, and it's doing well. Another pot I separated into 6 bunches and glued to a ornamental "bonsai tree", all seem to be doing well with easy green fertilizer, moderate to high light. ( Lower PH crystal red shrimp tank and higher PH endler tank )

Mallory W. (Ann Arbor, MI, US)
Green wavy. Excellent as always

I received my green wavy in perfect condition. Aquarium co-op does a great job with their packing and shipping of live plants.

I received my green wavy several weeks ago. I plopped the plant including its pot and rooting material into my 10g tank, waiting for potential die back before attaching to a piece of wood. My plant looks as great as when I got it and is almost ready to transplant.

I also want to say that all my plant purchases from Aquarium co-op have exceeded my expectations. I have not received any compensation for this review. They're good people.

Jacob N.

Bucephalandra "Green Wavy"

Jackie S. (Germantown, WI, US)
Green wavy Buce

Nice plants! Small, as Buce is, but multiples in the container and doing really well. Will order again!