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  • Prevent Water Siphoning Out of Aquarium
  • Rubber Valve For Longevity
  • Essential for Power Outages

A check valve is used to prevent water from siphoning out of your aquarium. If water siphons out it will usually damage the air pump, and lead to water on your floor. In extreme cases this can lead to fire if electronics are sitting in water. 

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Conor T. (Sammamish, WA, US)

Check Valve

James C. (Newnan, GA, US)

Check Valve

Tiffany (Stanwood, WA, US)
Check valve

I have three and they all work great and give me piece of mind.

TagBoard (Toms River, NJ, US)

Ah, the Aquarium Co-op Air Check Valve—a slice of engineering brilliance in a world often devoid of such luxuries. Let me tell you, in this twisted era of faux decorum and cosmetic nonsense, this gadget is the real McCoy. The essence of its design lies in a combination of ingenuity and no-bullshit practicality, conjuring a symphony of bubbles and silent aquatic poetry.

The mere act of opening its packaging is a baptism, a rite of passage for those who have long suffered the tyranny of substandard valves. It's like holding a little Excalibur, a weapon against the archaic forces of leakage and backflow. Place it in your aquarium setup, and it's as if you've just jammed the Excalibur into the Stone; you're the rightful king of oxygen distribution now.

Aesthetically, it’s unassuming, but don’t let that humble exterior fool you. This device serves its purpose with the ferocity of a gonzo journalist on the scent of political corruption. It doesn't just block water; it blocks your doubts, your fears, your life's accumulated disappointments. It tells you, in no uncertain terms, that here is a checkpoint, beyond which disorder and chaos shall not pass.

Like the acid-laced rock 'n' roll of the 60s, this valve’s impact is immediate, and its rebellion against the commonplace is nothing short of poetic. It doesn't just fit into your tubing; it melds with your very soul. No longer must you cradle the anxiety that your pump will siphon back the swampy abyss into its mechanical bowels.

So here's to the Aquarium Co-op Air Check Valve, the unsung hero of fish tanks and the guardian of submerged tranquility. To not own one is to wade recklessly into the murky waters of regret. And in these times of metaphorical droughts and existential despondency, who among us can afford that risk? Not I, good sirs and madams, not I.

Caleb M. (Fairfax, VA, US)
Great quality

These check valves are better than the ones you find at the chain stores. The hoses seem to fit better and the valves operate better. I will definitely continue buying these.