Individual Metal Air Valves

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  • Threaded Metal Valve
  • Precise Air control
  • Long Lasting

These valves are meant to be screwed into pvc. Often used with a linear air piston pump to run an air loop around a room filled with aquariums. Build your own custom gang valve  using these. These last a lifetime and are used by most fish stores and fish breeding facilities.

Customer Reviews

Based on 99 reviews
Alfonso H. (Santa Maria, CA, US)

Air valves, air stones, sponge filters, and my very first linear piston air pump was the best purchase I’ve ever made. I’ve waited a long time and it’s 5 stars for me!

Mike M. (Chicago, IL, US)
Individual Metal Air Valves

Best way I have ever witnessed myself to add an air valve.

stephen d. (St Louis, MO, US)
Quality Air Valves

I have used 30+ of these air valves with 0 failures. They are easy to install, I used them in 3/4" PVC for my fish room. The instructions are well written in the description on how to install them. Do yourself a favor and use the drill chuck to **** the valve in after you drill the hole, your hands will thank you.

Luke H. (Titusville, FL, US)
Works good!

Been using it for my fry system for a few weeks now and no problems yet

Matt (Memphis, TN, US)
Work great for my fish room

I have 29 tanks set up. I run a central air pump and I use these valves for all my drops. The work great and east to install. Corey had some great youtubes on how to do it. Highly recommend only air vavels I use.