Mayaca Fluviatilis

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  • Fine Leaves
  • Stem Plant
  • Medium Light

Mayca fluviatilis is a soft, bushy stem plant with thin leaves that are a light green in color. It is an easy to grow plant which does well in at least medium lighting. Once established, it will grow quickly and provide a lush hiding spot for fish and shrimp.

It's fine texture will draw attention to any aquarium and contrast nicely against larger-leaved plants. Because of its unique appearance, it is commonly referred to as Stream Bogmoss - though it is not a moss at all.

Customer Reviews

Based on 145 reviews
Jane (Lithonia, GA, US)
Healthy, fast-growing, zero melt

I purchased some mayaca, a red flame sword, and other plants to deck out a new nano tank. Everything arrived in excellent condition. Three weeks in, I've had zero melt and plenty of new growth and rooting. The tank looks lush. Highly recommended!

jorex (Brooklyn, NY, US)
cute and wispy

plants arrived super fast and healthy! bought one bunch and per recommendations online separated most of the stems instead of planting as one big bunch. already seeing new growth, and i really like the long moss-like wispy shape :)

Erin M. (Ridgely, MD, US)
Cute little plant

Mayaca Fluviatilis is a cute plant. Very slow growing but mine have gotten a little bigger the past month or so. Easy plant as well, definitely want more for my new tank

Carol Y. (Raleigh, NC, US)
Great packing and shipping!

Really lovely stem plants, beautiful. Thank you Cory and all of the Aquarium Co-op employees for doing such a good job.

G.G. (Manassas, VA, US)
Mayaca Fluviatilis

Plant arrived in great conditions and its thriving in my tank. I have always had a great experience with my orders. Thanks!