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Scarlet Temple

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Scarlet temple is one of the easier red plants for your aquarium. Give it high light and fertilizing including iron and you can get some reds and purples out of this plant.
  • Scientific Name: Alternathera reineckii var Roseafolia
  • Skill Level: Medium
  • Placement: Mid to Background
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer & Easy Iron

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Customer Reviews

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Arrived in very good condition


A beautiful red stem plant. Came healthy and a good size.

Sort of slow long melt

I've had this plant for about 7 weeks and while some root sprouted on the side it is mostly otherwise breaking down and falling apart and showing almost no growth. This is in a 29 gallon aquarium with about 3 1/2 inch of inert black substrate. The fish load is moderate. The substrate is sprinkled with root-tabs and a very small amount of liquid fertilize is added. Light is plant 3.0 24 inch. There is a bit of shading from the floating hornworth which might be part of the issue - not sure. Still disappointed it is now beginning to melt (I always wait a bit to review plants). I can't really say any stem plants have done that well in any of my tanks but this one is doing a bit worse than the others hence the low rating.

Scarlet Temple

Purchased one bundle and was so pleased with the look that I purchased an additional three to create a bush effect. Anchoring my left corner and contrasted by Ryuoh stones on simple river gravel scattered temples and anubus. I can see using this again especially in smaller tanks, I am currently stocking and planting out a 100 gallon tank and will need more.

Great Plans

Great plant looks good on my 55 gallon community tank