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These shells are great for adding hardness into your water and work as dechlorinator as well! Often times we need more minerals for our snails, shrimp, plants, goldfish and african cichlids tanks. What size you need depends on your aquarium. We recommend testing your water and adjusting based on water change schedule. 

Here are some very loose guidelines:
3 Pak - 1 shell per month for 5 to 10 gallon aquariums.

2/5 Ounce - 1 shell per month for 20-30 gallon aquariums.

1 1/3 Ounce - 1 shell per month for 40 to 55 gallon aquariums.

2 1/4 Ounce - 1 shell per month for 75 and larger aquariums.

Customer Reviews

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Great for snails

I use these to provide calcium for my snails. Works great!

Great for breeding

My rams horns snails boomed after using these. Great for raising mineral content

Wonder shells to small for our tanks.

Nothing wrong with shells. But I got the wrong size for our tanks. Our tap water is between 2 and 3 kh so we need a slight bit more for our snails.

Good product

My water has no minerals in it and all my snails and shrimp would struggle. Added one at a time of the smaller size in the 3 pack to my 20L until the last one didn't disolve. Been having an invertebrate explosion ever since.

Hard in all the right places

My hardwater is high in metals, so high I absolutely have to filter it for my tanks, then I remineralize, neutralize, and run buffers like Sera peat pellets in my cannisters. But all of that leads to a lack of calcium - so I like to put in a very small Wondershell when I do my monthly 50% water change. If I did my job properly they leave it alone and it dissolves, if I haven't the invertebrates hit it like it's an Algea tab dipped in repashy and coated in love

These came whole complete and Unbroken which is better than any other order of wondershell I've ever picked up.