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How to get help from Aquarium Co-Op

Learn More

Browse through our many free resources to help you learn more about freshwater fish, aquarium equipment, or live plants. We have released hundreds of videos and articles and continue to put out new content every week.

Ask Questions

If you've looked through our educational content and still can't find the information you need, join our Facebook group or our online forum to get answers and advice from Aquarium Co-Op staff and like-minded enthusiasts in the hobby. There, you can post pictures and video links of your fish tank, as well as search for other posts that may already address your problem.

We also hold weekly live streams where you can ask questions in the chat and get them answered by Cory and fellow fish keepers. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and click the notification bell to get notified about our next scheduled live stream.

Inquire About Orders

If you have a question about your online order, shipping, or product return, please fill out our contact form or send an email to shipping@aquariumcoop.com.

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