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Should I remove the pot from my aquarium plant?

Most plants purchased from Aquarium Co-Op come in a plastic pot stuffed with rock wool. In most cases, you want to remove this little basket and the stuffing, unless you plan on using an Easy Planter decoration. Follow these instructions to easily remove your plant from its packaging:

  1. Squeeze the pot to push out the plant and rock wool. If the roots are overgrown and tangled, you may need to trim them back a little to free the basket.
  2. Split the rock wool in half, and take out the plant in the middle without damaging any roots.
  3. If rock wool is stuck to the plant, use your fingers, a fork, or large tweezers to manually strip off as many pieces as possible.
  4. Make sure to remove all the small, yellow fertilizer balls so that they won’t cause a nutrient spike in your aquarium.
  5. Wash off any remaining debris, and now you’re ready to plant the plant.

For more information on how to plant your new aquarium plant, read our full article here.

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