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What do puffers eat?

Most puffer fish have four, continually growing teeth in the front of their mouths that form a “beak,” enabling them to chomp through the hard shells of crustaceans and mollusks. To prevent their teeth from becoming too long, you must grind them down by feeding all sorts of crunchy foods, such as bladder snails, ramshorn snails, freeze-drilled krill, clams, and oysters. While it may take a bit of training, some hobbyists have successfully fed Repashy gel food mixed with crushed oyster shells (sold as chicken feed) or they have dipped rocks in Repashy so that the puffers scrape their teeth against hard surfaces while eating. If you are having a hard time putting weight on your newly purchased puffers, try frozen bloodworms and live blackworms at first. While these foods will not help file down their teeth, few puffers can resist them.

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