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Where should I place my powerheads?

Locate the dead spots in your aquarium by observing where debris is collecting the most or if blue-green algae is growing in certain areas. Using a power head can help disperse the decaying organics in those stagnant regions so that they get sucked up by the filter, thus making your water clearer overall.

If your heater has a “low flow” indicator that constantly goes off, consider putting the power head near it so that the heated water can spread throughout the rest of the fish tank and eliminate any hot or cold spots.

We like placing our power heads near the top of the aquarium so that they prevent oil slicks and agitate the water surface. When the pump is placed near the ground, it may stir up the substrate and cause cloudy water. If you want to hide the power head, try blocking it with a fish tank decoration or tall plants. You can also use a black background so that blends in better with the back of the aquarium.

For more information, read our full article on water circulation.

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