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New Deliveries at Aquarium Co-Op! 🆕

This week at Aquarium Co-Op's retail store we got in some beautiful Small Assorted Discus, Dwarf Neon Rainbowfish, Magenta/Purple Mystery Snails, and Pea Puffers! 
As far as plants this week, the Pogo. Octopus and Dwarf Sagittaria that we have in our Easy Planters are looking especially full and nice! Also, our Dwarf Aquarium Lilies are looking lush and happy as well with multiple shoots per bulb.
For this week's Tank Tip I wanted to talk about the importance of quarantining fish and why having a quarantine tank is a good idea to have ready. Disease can be rampant in all animal hobbies, including the aquarium hobby, and we always say it is a good idea to quarantine everything from everyone, no matter where you are buying from. This allows you to catch disease or other pathogens early before exposing your display tanks to brand new fish. You can use our med trio (Maracyn, Ich-X, and Paracleanse) to treat your fish prophylactically or simply observe them closely for a week or more. 
Check out our video below where Irene shows you how to easily set up a quarantine tank!

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