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New Transparent Fish at Aquarium Co-Op!

This week the Aquarium Co-Op retail store in Edmonds, Washington got in some rarer fish like the Transparent Knifefish and Flaming Arrow Gobies as well as some favorite community fish like Adolfoi Corydoras, Bolivian Rams, Pygmy Multi Stripe Loaches, and Similis Corydoras.
As far as the stand outs in our plant deliveries this week, the Micro Swords, Crypt. Lutea, and Pogo. Octopus plants came in very full and are a great deal for the amount of plants you get!
Another great food option that I would like to highlight this week would be Repashy Gel Foods. These foods are sold as a fine powder, which are great for feeding to fry, but when they are mixed with hot water they make a gel that is low in filler ingredients. There are multiple different flavors making them great options to feed bottom feeders and grazers!
Check out the article and video below where Cory shows how to make and feed Repashy! 

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