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Trapdoor Snails, Rainbow Sharks, and Gobies - Oh My! ūüź†

This week in the Aquarium Co-Op retail store in Edmonds, WA we got in some beautiful Annie's Gobies, Amazon Pufferfish, Rainbow Sharks, Sterbai Cories, Von Rio Flame Tetras, and Columbian Red & Blue Tetras. We also started bringing in Japanese Trapdoor Snails as the pond and tubbing season slowly starts!
As far as plants this week, in our plant deliveries we got in some absolutely massive and fully submerged-grown Red Flame and Amazon Swords as well as some Crinum Calamistratum. Many of the Amazon swords even have tons of baby plantlets ready to separate and plant in your tank!
Are you going on vacation or want an easier way to feed your fish? Consider getting an Aquarium Co-Op Auto Feeder! This device automatic device feeds your tank pellets making sure your fish are fed when you are away or can be an easy way to automate your one tank or fish room! My favorite foods to put in it are Vibra Bites, Nano Pellets, and Semi Floating Pellets, and we even have one dispensing Shrimpee Sticks and Crab Cuisine in our pest snail breeding tank in the store!
Check out our video below where Irene shows you how to properly set one of these up:

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