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Huge Anubias Plants this Week at Aquarium Co-Op!

This week the retail store got in some great fish orders including some new Assorted Discus, Sterbai Cories, Red Head Tapajos, Schoutedeni Pufferfish, Dwarf Petricola Catfish, and Apisto. Borelli 'Opal'.
We also got in some jumbo-sized Anubias Hastifolia as well as some lush Java Moss Mats and colorful Anubias Coffeefolia!
These plants are easy to care for and appreciate liquid fertilizer. All three species as well as other mosses and rhizome plants can be attached using our aquarium safe super glue gel. For additional care tips or tricks, come to see us Monday-Thursday during the slower time of the week or check our our online Advice Center
Watch our Youtube video on how to attach these plants below!

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