Tiger Lotus Bulb

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  • Colorful, Patterned Leaves
  • Easy to Care For
  • Grows Lily Pads

Tiger Lotus is just a beautiful plant and not difficult to grow. Given just medium light and plenty of nutrients, this plant will thrive. What makes Tiger lotus plants so popular is its reddish-green to deep red leaves with darker spots that are often purplish in color.

As it grows, tiger lotus plants will display its large leaves below the surface of the water while simultaneously sending lily pads up to reach the surface. It does well as a midground to background plant, but because it is so impactful, it can make a great stand alone plant as well.

Note: The leaves are fragile and may be damaged in transit, but there is no need for concern because the bulb will sprout new leaves within a couple of weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 447 reviews
Edward F. (Houston, TX, US)
Best Plant I've Ever Owned

I'm around the 8 week mark for my Tiger Lotus, and it has already sent 2 lily pads to the top of the surface and has leaves around the size of my hand! The bulb came with one dead leaf and one half torn leaf, within a week 2 large ones started shooting, then about every other day a new leaf started emerging!!! If I can post a updated picture I will, but I LOVEE this plant and it grew so fast and is so healthy. I added CO2 around 4 weeks in but it was growing healthy and fast with only root tabs, easy green, and sand.

Miranda P.
Nice Plant!

Received in only a few days and the plant looks nice and healthy. I am treating with Alum as a precaution against eggs, but I did not see any snails.

Chanel (Santa Ana, CA, US)
Tiger lotus

Came with leaves, trive in my tank

David B. (Seattle, WA, US)
Great plant…like all have been

Took to the tank, and started growing super quick!! I have bought over a dozen plants from Aquarium Co-op and they have all done great!!!

C D. (Los Gatos, CA, US)
Tiger lotus

Excellent packaging, healthy plant with a bunch of growth and roots. It's been about a week and no significant melt or dropping leaves. Will definitely be ordering again!