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Aquatop Power Heads

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Aquatop Power Head

Aquatop's PH series of power heads provides superior water movement and prevents stagnant water conditions in aquariums. Easily installed, these units are ideal for powering under-gravel filtration systems, while the optional venturi air intake feature with air regulator increases water aeration. Both efficient and quiet, the ph series can be used in fresh and saltwater aquariums.


  • Fully Submersible
  • Suitable for both Fresh and Saltwater use
  • Provides vital water movement for reef aquariums
  • Constructed of high strength/impact ABS
  • Ideal design for running under-gravel filters
  • includes optional intake and air regulator to aerate water
Model PH-8 PH-16 PH-22 PH-35
Voltage 120/60Hz 120/60Hz 120/60Hz 120/60Hz
Watts 8 watts 16 watts 22 watts 35 watts  
Max Height 1.0M 1.3M 1.6M 2.5M
Flow Rate  158GPH 264GPH 317GPH 422GPH

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Flow just right

Perfect flow for my 60g. The air valve thingy (my tech term) is quite loud but I connected it to my extra whisper 10 and it silent and gives off super tiny bubbles.


Received in perfect condition. Fast and efficient.

It works!

Picked it up to help save my back from waterchanges. It moves water, but from a bucket on the floor, it struggles to pull it up 5 feet.
Get the larger size!

great mixer pump

using it for mixing salt in a bucket since it has a set flow rate...I really like the surgical tubing it comes with for the air breather, even tho I'm not using it to mix..the 4 suction cups for mounting are so good I don't wrestle with them any more.
i just drop the power head it's cool little pump!

Nice powerhead, not adjustible, but I didn't expect it to be.

I have a 46 gallon bowfront, and I ordered the lowest flow of the Aquatop Powerheads to move some additional water around. It really creates too much flow for my use. I have it at a manageable level by using the option aeration configuration, but then it seems to need to stay in the top 5 inches of water to be able to draw the air in. For the price, it works. Now that I know more I would have gone with one of the higher end powerheads with flow adjustment.