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  • Coarse Foam
  • Reusable
  • Fits all Filters

Coarse sponge pad is a replacement for throw away cartridges in aquarium filters. Not only are the cartridges costly, they are also bad for the environment. Coarse sponge pads can be reused for many years with normal use. With this porosity of the foam, they are nearly clog proof. They also filter out larger particles of waste before getting to your fine filter pads or bio rings.

Customer Reviews

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P.Z. (Sherman Oaks, CA, US)
Perfect for Red Sea 300xl

One of these cut in half will perfectly fit as a replacement for a Red Sea 300xl sponge filter. And it’s way cheaper!

Taylor H. (Grundy, VA, US)

Worked perfect in my new Aquaclear 50 to prevent overflow!

Perfect for blocking holes

I sadly lost 2 of my mystery snails when they crawled out of the spaces around the filter. This foam is perfect for blocking those holes in my aquarium cover. It can be cut to size and shape and seals up gaps. I’ve also started experimenting with using a small piece inside the filters as a place to harbor beneficial bacteria.

Amber M. (Flint, TX, US)
Coarse sponge pad

Great price and the pad is huge! It will last me a long time. Very easy to cut to fit for HOB filters. Easy to clean also.

Wilson W. (Carmichael, CA, US)
great products

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