Sponge Pad Coarse

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  • Coarse Foam
  • Reusable
  • Fits all Filters

Coarse sponge pad is a replacement for throw away cartridges in aquarium filters. Not only are the cartridges costly, they are also bad for the environment. Coarse sponge pads can be reused for many years with normal use. With this porosity of the foam, they are nearly clog proof. They also filter out larger particles of waste before getting to your fine filter pads or bio rings.

Customer Reviews

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Kyle G. (Van Buren, AR, US)
Sponge filter

Aquarium Co OP always has the best course sponge material.

MEC (Honolulu, HI, US)
Versatile Game Changer

I watched Cory's video on hacking HOB filters. So.....I immediately ordered the coarse sponge pad. Next, he suggested a pre-filter for the intake. Unfortunately, even the smallest size wouldn't fit so alas....BUMMER. When my box from Aquarium Co-Op arrived I cut the sponge to size added it to my Aquaclear and removed the carbon. Then, I thought what if I cut a piece of sponge and then slice a small pocket and then slip it on the end of the intake tube....and you know what....it worked. I placed one on the HOB intake and on the powerhead intake. It's like having a sponge filter that my fish enjoy snacking from and it keeps the big stuff out of the filter. Been running it this way for about a month and I think it has been a success!

J.F. (Minneapolis, MN, US)
Great Value Great Price

This is a great value at a great price. Used it to upgrade both of my HOB filters.

Douglas O. (Plainview, NY, US)

Sponge Pad Coarse

Carla B. (Chicago, IL, US)
Sponge pad course

Everything I have purchased from coop has been wonderful. I was having problems with cloudy water and I purchased several items including the sponge pad course, the ultimate solution and other items. Put them in my hob filter and in a couple of days noticed that my water was crystal clean. Haven’t had any problems since and I watch the YouTube videos which have helped me tremendously. I can never go wrong and will be ordered more products from them very soon. I also love the fish that I’ve purchased from Dan as well.