"Windelov" Java Fern

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  • Low Light
  • Hardy
  • Unique Leaf Texture

"Windelov" Java fern is as easy to grow as normal Java fern - it thrives even under low light and it is not demanding. What makes it unique are its leaves which branch off at the tips.

"Windelov"Java fern will grow across your aquarium via its rhizome while sending leaves vertically upwards toward the light source. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 435 reviews
Randall I. (Indianapolis, IN, US)
Java Fern “Windelov”

The plant I received I very healthy and big. The plant is doing great in the aquarium.

Jeff (Grand Rapids, MI, US)
Excellent midground plant with unique leaves

The Java Fern family are really underrated plants. They're slow growers, but when they get big, they're wonderful! The leaves on Windelov are like no other plant I've seen.

Richard P. (Oklahoma City, OK, US)

Great products. Fair prices.

Kevin B. (Mesquite, TX, US)
Love it!!

Really like the shaggy look. Love regular Java fern but the windelov just satisfies the need to try something different. Came in healthy and is still doing great 4 weeks later.

G D. (Buffalo, TX, US)
plants and more

Bought these Windelov Java Fern and well as Java Moss and a red Lilly. They all appear to be doing well. I have had some melting on the Lilly but the Moss and Ferns are doing very well.
All the plants I have bought from Aquarium Co-Op have all done well. Others I have gotten from local stores are a hit and miss.
Thank you for such good and healthy plants.