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Light Timer

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This timer has 2 three prong plug ins. So you can plug in more than one light. It runs on a a 24 hour time schedule.

Customer Reviews

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Give my tank consistent lighting

For Years I tried to be regular with my aquarium lighting, for years it was haphazard, sometimes I slept in, sometimes I wasn't home at the 8 hour mark. Then I put plants into my tank and I knew I needed regulation where my lights are concerned. I bought the Light Timer. I set it for a 9 hour span. Now if I sleep an hour later than usual my tank has lit up, and if my activities take me from home during the critical time for turning off my lights when I do get home the fish are in sleep mode. I really like this product, it has removed a bit of stress from me concerning my fish hobby. One thing I have noticed, when it is time for the light timer to turn off the lights there is a loud enough click that comes from the devise that actually jump scares me. I am sure I will get use to that one noise with time. I like the fact it has the capability to control two devises at the same time, this really saves on plug space.

Decent, but runs fast

It does what is supposed to but with one big problem. It will eventually get faster and faster to the point that it is about 10-15 minutes ahead

Solid timer.

Works as described.

Light Timer

Works great. Easy to figure out.

Didn't work at all

I'm out about $20 (incl shipping). Apparently defective