Dwarf Aquarium Lily

Easy to grow low light plant. Grows from a bulb. Bulb should be planted half way out of the substrate or it'll die back. Has both leaves down low and lily pads on top of the water. Can be fed root tabs or by water column fertilizer.

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Dwarf aquarium lilly

They don't mind the lower light conditions that my shrimp prefer. They really are perfect little plants. Thank you.

Dwarf Aquarium Lily

I received by Dwarf Aquarium Lily about a month and a half ago. There was minimal damage to any of the leaves and the plant was looking amazing. It stayed looking the exact same for the first two weeks. Nothing at all changed. And in just two days, I had three leaves break the surface and develop into the amazing lily pads on the surface. I cut those back at the base of the plant/bulb. About two weeks later, again I had a couple floating on the surface. Cut those back and in less then a week I now currently have 5 floating humongous lily pads that although look amazing, I must cut back to provide my other plants with some light. Simply amazed at the birth of this plant!!!!!

Great plants.

Received the 2 plants in decent shape. Didnt take too long for them to start growing new leaves. My fish enjoyed them but unfortunately they decided to eat them. The bus are growing new plants so I am verry happy with this plant.

Good so far

Left a note that a cold front was coming, so they packed it with a heat pack(that was still slightly warm by the time it got to me in Illinois). Seems to be in good shape for such a long trip in the cold. All stems packed have roots coming. Only concern is that almost none of them are attached to the bulb. This is how it looks after just one day in the tank

Dwarf aquarium lily

I received one 3 weeks ago and was concerned by how it looked. I figured I would plant it and it would pick up. It has only gotten worse in the time it has been planted. I planted some Val and a banana plant at the second time, and they are both doing very well.

I know everyone says they are one of the easier plants to grow, but I cannot recommend it.

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