Pearl Weed

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Scientific Name: Hemianthus Glomeratus also known as Hemianthus Micranthemoides

Care Level: Intermediate

Temperature Range: °°

Description: medium to tall bush like growth. The picture looks like dwarf baby tears but that is how we get it in its emersed form. We recommend planting it in the pot, with substrate to the top of the pot so that it can creep laterally and grow upwards once it is done converting.

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *


Customer Reviews

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They have started to grow. I planted them in the pots. Now to see if I can get them to spread.

Pearl Weed

Ordered a pot of Pearl Weed to use in a growout tank. All the plants arrived quickly. The Pearl Weed was in great shape and has grown well since being placed in that tank.

As advertisec

Both plants were in good condition and are doing well in my tank


This plant came looking BEAUTIFUL n has gotten better every day!!

Better than expected

I ordered one pot of pearlweed from Aquarium Co-Op. This was my first purchase from the website. I've watched Cory on YouTube for quite a while and when I had the need for a foreground plant, I decided to give it a shot.

Honestly, with priority ground shipping I was a little worried about the possible condition of the plant upon arrival. Not to mention, I live in Ohio and it was mid July. It wasn't a short trip down the road and was definitely not the best time of year to box up a plant and ship it.

What I received was a very bright, very healthy, pearlweed plant. I was pleasantly surprised. It was still wet, wrapped in wet towels.

Honestly, it was in better shape than anything I've found grown submerged in my area. I'm fortunate enough to have a LARGE independent fish store just down the road from me. Even their plants are not as healthy. I think Petco goes without saying, their plants look horrid unless you catch them the day they come in - and even those don't look great and you have the danger of bba and pests.

But wait, there's more! I would have given this a 5* review just based on the great condition it arrived in. But I didn't get any melt at all, no discoloration, nothing. That peral weed started laying down in small sections the next day, sending shooters.

I've never had a better experience buying aquatic plants. I just purchased over $100 in ADA, and I'm hardscaping my new 29g setup this weekend.

You'll be receiving a sizeable order from me so that I can get that bad boy planted. You have 100% earned my future business.