Tiger Lotus Bulb

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  • Colorful, Patterned Leaves
  • Easy to Care For
  • Grows Lily Pads

Tiger Lotus is just a beautiful plant and not difficult to grow. Given just medium light and plenty of nutrients, this plant will thrive. What makes Tiger lotus plants so popular is its reddish-green to deep red leaves with darker spots that are often purplish in color.

As it grows, tiger lotus plants will display its large leaves below the surface of the water while simultaneously sending lily pads up to reach the surface. It does well as a midground to background plant, but because it is so impactful, it can make a great stand alone plant as well.

Note: The leaves are fragile and may be damaged in transit, but there is no need for concern because the bulb will sprout new leaves within a couple of weeks.

Customer Reviews

Based on 315 reviews
Mykel S. (Seattle, WA, US)

Tiger Lotus Bulb

John C. (Lansdale, PA, US)
Vigorous growth and lily pad, too!

My Tiger lotus grew quickly. I had to anchor it to a small rock with gel super glue to keep it from floating around. It's sent a shoot up to the surface with a lily pad. That makes it my favorite aquarium plant now. The red dwarf lily bulb that comes in the peat moss bag arrived dead, turned rotten in the aquarium, and never grew.

Ana (Saint Clair Shores, MI, US)
They Look Great, But Mine Didn’t Grow

As with the dwarf lilies I purchased, this hasn’t shown any growth in a month. Maybe it’s my water- it’s much harder than where Aquarium Co-op is located.

JP (Springville, UT, US)
Arrived in perfect condition, zero complaints

I ordered several plants from aquarium coop and all arrived in pristine condition. Far exceeded my expectations, thank you so much! The Tiger lotus has only been in the tank a week, but it’s growing lots of beautiful leaves. I love it!

arnam a. (Flushing, NY, US)
Beautiful bulb plant

I was expecting just the bulb not a grown plant. To my surprise, received a grown plant with three leaves. All three leaves melted away but now I have shorter leaves, looking great.