Banana Plant

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Scientific Name: Nymphoides Aquatica

Care Level: Easy

Temperature Range: 70° - 80°

Description: Tuber plant with banana shaped roots

Super easy to grow old school plant. A staple in lots of fish tanks. Best if rests on top of the substrate and allowed to send it's roots down in. If it's planted too deeply the bananas can rot which can lead to plant death. 

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *

Customer Reviews

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Cant eat these NaNas

Cory, big fan. Watching your YouTube channel got me Into planted tanks and decided to make my first purchase from you, beautiful plants, thriving and my fish love them. Thanks so much.

great plant

great plant came in a nice color great condition and pretty quick will order again soon

Banana plant and easy green.

I delayed my review because I want to see the effect of easy green. Plant arrived with 2 tiny leaves. Now it got two big lily pad and 4 decent size leaves. It did experience some melt back. Be overall the easy green is making this plant grow like crazy. Thanks Cory and the coop. I bought two more a month after. Will definitely buy more as I’m planning a banana forest tank lol.

Excellent beginner plant

This was the first live plant I've ever had in my tank and I have not been disappointed! It arrived very green with large, healthy roots. Within the first week the existing leaves melted, but were replaced just as quickly.
It is doing very well in my tank and doesn't seem to mind my mystery snails crawling all over it. (I dose Aquarium Co-Op Easy Green Nano every week so I think that is helping.)

Overall, I highly recommend buying plants from this site. :)

Easy green

I received my banana plant in great condition and within a week of ordering. As the website stated this is a front of the tank plant, I planted it in the front of my 60 gallon tank. It did not seem like it was doing anything for about a week then started putting out new growth. It puts out both long and short stem growth with what look like lily pads at the end. The long runners reach all the way to the surface of my time, but are very thin and not obtrusive. I would say that I probably would plan another one of these plants about mid tank, as the long runners create a bit of a forest of thin lines. That said, the swordtails that I have in this tank have begun to breed and the fry love the surface lily pad garden for sheltering in.