Coconut Hut

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  • Makes Fish Feel Safe
  • Natural
  • Great for Spawning Fish

Coconut huts are the perfect hideout and breeding spot for many different species of fish. Its all natural appearance will not be distracting in your tank and helps mimic the natural habitats where fish live. 

Wherever you place them, coconut huts will sink right away and feature an opening on the side for fish to freely swim in and out. They are durable and will last a long time within your aquarium. Plants or moss can be attached to the top of the hut as well if desired.

Customer Reviews

Based on 224 reviews
Kim H. (Anchorage, AK, US)
Coconut Hut

Everything I order from Aquarium Coop is quality! My betta spends time in his coconut hut. Love it and would buy again!

Nicholas N. (Chino, CA, US)
Great cave

Very God for plecos and larger type apistos I even see my rams using it. Great hut

Yut (Boston, MA, US)
Too cute

My shrimp love the coconut hut! I also glued some Anubis on the hut, making it tropical like- mollies and shrimp hang in and above it a lot!

Mabel G. (Chesterton, IN, US)
Can bettas get in there

Can m
y Betta fit in it

Jason W. (Starkville, MS, US)
Coconut is great

Perfect for breeding apistogramma cacatuoides. Best option out there