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Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)-Aquarium Co-Op
Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)-Aquarium Co-Op
Red Dwarf Aquarium Lily Bulb (Only)-Aquarium Co-Op
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When you receive your lily, place it on top of the substrate until you see some growth. If after 1-3 weeks you see no growth, turn the bulb over. The bulbs have a top and bottom but can't be seen before it starts growing. Once growth has started you can tuck it into the substrate half way if it is being moved by fish or filtration. Once roots grow it'll hold itself into place. Has both leaves down low and lily pads on top of the water. Can be fed root tabs or by water column fertilizer.  This package contains 1 dwarf aquarium lily bulb in peat moss. When you receive the bulb, give it a quick rinse at the sink to remove any loose peat. Then place it in your aquarium, it's possible for a minority of them to float initially. If this happens let it soak and it will usually sink. For more information, read our full care guide here.


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