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Easy Green All in One Fertilizer

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Best Seller

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Easy Green was made to make your life simple. 1 squirt of Easy Green Plant Fertilizer per 10 gallons once a week for a low to medium light tank. All the essential nutrients your plants need to thrive whether they are low, medium or high light plants. It is Snail, Fish, and Shrimp Safe,which means you don't have to worry. Still not convinced? Check out our article on choosing the right aquarium fertilizer

  • 8.45oz/236ml bottle treats 2,300 gallons
  • 1 liter/1000ml bottle treats 10,000 gallons
  • 2 liter/2000ml bottle treats 20,000 gallons

*Store fertilizers upright and away from children. Pump heads are not leak proof.

Dosing Instructions:
Low-Medium Light
1 Pump per 10 gallons once a week. Each pump is 1ml. 

Medium-High Light
1 Pump per 10 gallons twice a week.

  • N 2.66% , P 0.46%, K 9.21%, Mg 0.7%, S 0.80%, B 0.015%, Cu 0.00%, Fe 0.13%, Mn 0.036%, Mo 0.00%, Zn 0.072%

For optimal shelf life store out of light.

Customer Reviews

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Making a big difference

Great product already much greener with new.growth

Was sceptical. Then amazed.

Also had a tiger lotus bulb with my order. The leaves fell off the bulb in shipping. Trying out the easy green for my first time. Within 2 week new leaves are sprouting. My existing plants have never looked so good. Not injecting CO2 but I have a pump that will pull in air from outside of tank and aerate the water colomn, seems to be enough for steady growth.

EZ Green

All of my plants look happier already! Very pleased with my purchase!

Easy green

I love this product, already see improvements in my plants


Just started using we will see