Easy Root Tabs

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  • Gives Root-Feeding Plants More Nutrients
  • Easy to Use and Insert
  • Snail, Shrimp, and Fish Safe

If you have rooted plants in your aquarium, Easy Root Tabs are a great option to give your plants even more nutrients than substrate alone. We've designed them with actual soil containing clay and many other essential minerals plants need to thrive. As opposed to many other versions of root tabs out there, Easy Root Tabs will not cause harmful effects if the contents of the capsule are released into the water column. 

Simply insert Easy Root Tabs into your substrate and the gel caps will dissolve, releasing nutrients for plants to feed on. Snail, Shrimp, and Fish Safe.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1771 reviews
TiffanyTK (Washington, MO, US)
Root tabs

Root tabs for the win! Got one plant and it has multiplied and I have even propagated so much into other aquariums. Love these!!

Reeaz S. (Queens, NY, US)
Great product

Excellent root tabs, it made a difference in my aquarium.
Additionally excellent customer service and fast shipping.

Bill M. (Manchester, NH, US)

Never used before. Helped a lot!

Julia D. (Duncan, OK, US)
Root tabs

These work great! My plants are flourishing!

M (Apopka, FL, US)
Root tabs

Provides the nutrients necessary to keep my sword plants healthy. Poke the end of the root tab with a pushpin before planting it to prevent float