Java Fern

Easy to grow low light plant. They prefer to be attached to wood or rock instead of being planted in the substrate.

***Sizes will vary from each shipment. Plants can be larger or smaller than the picture shown.***

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It was so big!

I chose to go with the java feen because it was recommended for a “plant newbie” I am so glad I did. Not only was it very easy to place but it’s doing great! Made a world of difference in the look of my aquarium and the fish seem to really like having some natural plant life in with them. It was much larger then I anticipated but I’m not complaining at all. I love it and look forward to maybe trying my hand at adding another type of plant soon. Thanks Aquarium co-op for the great advice!

Terrific shipping of live plants

Java Fern is java fern. But what makes the difference is how it was shipped. Far and away best packing job I’ve ever seen for live plants and excellent quality of heat packs which made all the difference.

Plants very healthy

All the plants I ordered were beautiful. I live in Minnesota and I was worried about ordering plants in the winter. They were packed extremely well with a heat pack.

Java fern

Plant arrived in good condition showing that as always this company takes care of its customers. This is not my first order with aquarium Co-op and I have never been disappointed in the level of service I receive. The plant is thriving in its new home with no problems.

Java fern

Ordered 2 java ferns they Arrived in great shape beautiful large plants had them a month now and there doing great shooting off small ferns and looking spectacular

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