"Windelov" Java Fern

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  • Low Light
  • Hardy
  • Unique Leaf Texture

"Windelov" Java fern is as easy to grow as normal Java fern - it thrives even under low light and it is not demanding. What makes it unique are its leaves which branch off at the tips.

"Windelov"Java fern will grow across your aquarium via its rhizome while sending leaves vertically upwards toward the light source. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 359 reviews
Shirley P. (Billings, MT, US)
Windelov Java Fern

They arrived in excellent condition and look to be doing very well in our aquariums. A lovely additon. Thank you Aquarium Co-op

Matt R. (Seattle, WA, US)
Windelov Java Fern

Great addition to my planted aquarium! The staff was extremely helpful in helping me find what I was looking for. The Windelov Java Ferm is a hearty and super easy to maintain plant and my fancy veiltail goldfish does very well with it too!

Tim S. (Norco, CA, US)
Great Plants Great value

I have been disappointed with the plants my local aquarium stores are offering and decided to investigate Aquarium Coop’s plants after watching a few You Tube videos on plants. I had just purchased a boxed Java Fern at my local store for seven dollars and watched it die before my eyes! I purchased four plants from Aquarium Coop to get the discount and in four days I got the plants in the mail.. the plants were about 3 times larger than any plants I saw in my local stores and packed well to protect them during the shipping process. Three weeks later they are growing well and looking strong! My aquarium looks so much better with these vigorous plants and the fish love them.

Christina R. (San Jose, CA, US)
Healthy plant

I ordered this plant and it arrived beautiful and healthy. The plant food they offer has really helped it grow. I ordered this plant along with two others and will never get a plant or plant food anywhere else.

Davey L. (Lake Orion, MI, US)
Great Plant!!

Looks fantastic!! Fish love it!!!

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