Pearl Weed

Hurry only 7 left!
Hurry only 7 left!

The picture looks like dwarf baby tears but that is how we get it in its emersed form. We recommend planting it in the pot, with substrate to the top of the pot so that it can creep laterally and grow upwards once it is done converting.

  • Scientific Name: Hemianthus Micranthemoides
  • Skill Level: Easy
  • Placement: Mid to Background
  • Co2 Requirement: none
  • Preferred Fertilizer: Liquid - Easy Green Fertilizer

***Being a natural product, sizes can vary from what is shown.***


Customer Reviews

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Cute little plant

This is the smallest plant I ordered, and it’s taken slightly longer than the bigger guys to get going, but after not much more than a week, I have some vertical growth starting on it. It came in great shape, and with the description and planting advice on here, it was easy to get it in here and get it going. Here’s hoping it takes off and grows more!

Just took it out of the tank and threw it in the trash

Well, it arrived quickly and in good shape, but it's definitely not a beginner plant by any means. It probably is a user error but this thing is a mess, it was constantly losing shreds that will float up and stop up the filter and I can't even imagine how much it's adding to the bio load with all the rotting leaves. It lost over half of it's size due to all the floaters and whatever is left was turning brown and slimy. What a mess, should never have gotten it!

Very Satisfied

I placed my order on the evening of 04-11-2019 and I live on the east coast and received the package on 04-15-2019. Your packaging has improved considerably and this plant was in excellent condition and a large quantity for this plant. Can't say more than that, other than I will be ordering more in the future. Keep up the good work Cory and Team!!!!


Got a lot more than expected! Live and healthy.

It's growing, a few have died

Of all the plants I have gotten from Aquarium Co-Op this is the only one that has lived and grown rapidly. I have a feeling I won't purchase more from these guys😱, I find that the plants on Amazon have been of better quality...have survived the trip and still are alive and growing. Sorry guys, I love your vids on YouTube (and will still follow..your info on guppies --I have only guppies in my tank with the plants--has proven invaluable) I just feel the plants don't seem to handle the trip cross country well.