Pearl Weed

Scientific Name: Hemianthus Glomeratus also known as Hemianthus Micranthemoides

Care Level: Intermediate

Temperature Range:°°

Description: medium to tall bush like growth. The picture looks like dwarf baby tears but that is how we get it in its emersed form. We recommend planting it in the pot, with substrate to the top of the pot so that it can creep laterally and grow upwards once it is done converting.

* Due to the nature of this product we cannot guarantee it will look exactly as pictured, shipments may vary in size *


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Pearl Weeeeed

Was a good portion, well packaged and I love this plant! If it melts it will come back! The co-op stand by all their products so ordering from them comes with great peace of mind.

Pearl Weed

I really like the way this plant looks. When it first arrived, it looked pretty decent. I followed the directions on this page. It had a bit of melt, which was totally expected. It began to come back and was looking pretty good, but my mystery snail is a bulldozer, so it didn't last very long. When I realized what was happening, I moved it to a different tank, but I kept finding pieces of it floating in the tank. Eventually it had all been uprooted and I just had some pieces floating in the tank. I have let what I have left just float around at the surface. There has been a small amount of growth, but nothing major. I will continue to try to get it to grow, but if you have mystery snails, you may want to avoid this one (or wait until it is well established before adding the snails). Due to its delicate nature, snails will eat this one. I waited 6 months before writing this review.


They have started to grow. I planted them in the pots. Now to see if I can get them to spread.

Pearl Weed

Ordered a pot of Pearl Weed to use in a growout tank. All the plants arrived quickly. The Pearl Weed was in great shape and has grown well since being placed in that tank.

As advertisec

Both plants were in good condition and are doing well in my tank

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