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Meet Aquarium Co-Op's Newest Resident, Elmer!

This week the retail store got in some great nano and bottom-dwelling fish in our fish orders! The ones that stood out are the Green Phantom Pleco, Neon Green Rasboras, Loxozonus Cories, Habrosus Cories, and Dwarf Anchor Catfish. 
Our red plants this week are also looking particularly good. My favorites this week are the Dwarf Aquarium Lily, Scarlet Temple, Crypt. Tropica, and Red Melon Swords. 
Most of these plants are easy to care for except the Scarlet Temple which does best with high light and CO2 injection. To get the most vibrant reds possible, we recommend adding Easy Iron and Root Tabs along with Easy Green as the added iron helps promote red growth.
Watch our Youtube video on dosing Iron below!

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