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Brine Shrimp Hatchery Kit

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Kit requires a 2 liter bottle to screw into the base. Also requires a air pump to run it. We recommend the Aquatop ap-50 and a air valve to make the most out of this kit. 

Cory's Notes: I use this exact kit with a 2 liter bottle to hatch live brine shrimp in my own fish room.

Customer Reviews

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Lots of baby brine

I bought this to feed my goldfish fry. Just follow the directions and you'll have lots of baby brine shrimp. One caveat: hand-tightening the bottle to the base may result in a leak. Use some pliers to gently screw down the bottle.

Brine Shrimp Hatchery

It works better than other brine shrimp Hatchery out in the market.

Brine shrimp hatchery

Not too pleased. Had trouble with it leaking. Had to tighten several times to stop leaking. When trying to use air line to syphon off baby shrimp it would not work due to kink in line. I had to raise unit off the shelf to leave air line more room to syphon. Base not designed well enough to eliminate kinking of air line.

Follow Cory's Instructions

Works great! I set up mine just like Cory says in the description and had a very successful brine hatch and my fish loved it!

Needs a little alteration

The hatchery works well just out of the bag, but it is a little loud because of the large bubbles it produces. I drilled out the air opening a little bit and shoved in an air stone that I can easily remove with aquascaping tweezers when its time to harvest.