Easy Brine Shrimp Salt

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  • Creates Ideal Environment for Baby Brine Shrimp
  • Designed to Maximize Hatch Rate
  • Easily Achieve Healthy and Robust Hatches

Easy Brine Shrimp Salt contains sodium chloride (salt) as well as natural trace elements which help buffer the water and create the ideal environment for baby brine shrimp to thrive. This allows for consistent, healthy and robust hatches and an excellent source of live food for fish. Pair Easy Brine Shrimp Salt with Aquarium Co-Op's premium brine shrimp eggs and the Ziss brine shrimp hatchery for the best results.

One bag contains 14.5 lbs of Easy Brine Shrimp Salt

Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Kristian P. (Honolulu, HI, US)
Dissolves evenly

Bought the big bag of salt and couldn’t be happier with the product. Dissolves quick and even unlike a lot of other salts I’ve used in the past. This salt with the AquariumCoOp baby brine is the perfect combo when used in my Ziss hatchery. Big thanks to Cory and the gang for putting their customers first and genuinely putting out a good product every time.

Derek B. (Omaha, NE, US)
Brine shrimp salt

Heavy duty, resealable packaging for multiple uses, quality salt mix.

Jen H. (Cumberland, MD, US)
Improved hatches

I had what I thought were good results just using the typical aquarium salt from the chain pet stores but this not only sped up the hatching but they seem healthier and more active for longer. I believe I may have slightly better amounts hatching as well though their brine eggs have always had a high rate of success for me. I added this salt to my order since it seemed like a good value and the reviews were so great. Im so glad I did! I use just a little hatchery meant to hatch and feed immediately in smaller batches. I could never seem to get them all out before some started to die off but this salt really improved how long they live and stay active allowing me to go another day with enough to feed just my little fry before making another batch.

Filippo (San Diego, CA, US)
Value, easy to use

Too many salt varieties out there, but this salt covers it all for brine shrimp culturing. Easy and convenient.

Brice J. (Frisco, TX, US)
Easy brine shrimp

I got the whole set up and it worked perfectly. 24 hours and I had more than fishes could eat in a week lol