Ziss Brine Shrimp Hatchery Plus

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  • Holds 2 liters
  • Impact-resistant design
  • Hangs on a tank or in its stand

Simply put, this is the best brine shrimp hatchery on the market. You may be thinking, "How much better could this be over a 2-liter bottle?" When you hatch live baby brine shrimp every day, the construction and thoughtfulness of this design won't go unnoticed. All of us at Aquarium Co-Op use and love this hatchery. It is made of super strong plastic to withstand an impact and has the option to run a heater and thermometer in it. We highly recommend running this brine shrimp hatchery with our USB Air Pump, airline tubingAquarium Co-Op Brine Shrimp Eggs, and Easy Brine Shrimp Salt.  (Note that the provided thermometer is in Celsius.) 

Note: The height of the hatchery with the stand is about 12.75 inches (32.3 cm), and the height of the hatchery with the stand and height extenders is about 16.5 inches (42 cm). The extra height beneath the hatchery gives you extra room to open the valve when draining out the baby brine shrimp.

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Customer Reviews

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P.P. (Alpharetta, GA, US)
Great for brine shrimp, phytoplankton, and copepods.

This is an awesome brine shrimp hatchery but it is actually even more. I have fresh and salt water aquariums. The design makes it ideal for phytoplankton. I can hang it on the back of a well lit aquarium and use the light to grow phytoplankton. It is also great for copepods. The dispenser at the bottom makes it easy to harvest.

It might seem costly, but it is well worth it. You will easily spend the same buying inferior hatcheries or making your own until you get it right.

Scott K. (Shrewsbury, MA, US)
The hatchery I’ve been waiting for!

I’ve been in the hobby and hatching brine shrimp since the early 1970’s. In that time I’ve used every disc, cone, box and DIY contraption out there.

This is the first truly well thought out, durable and scaleable hatchery on the market. It’s easy to use and harvest from. You can do small or very large hatches and put it anywhere. I’m using mine with a 50 watt preset heater and the USB pump that Aquarium COOP sells here. The pump is a “perfect” match for the hatchery. I’m running it without the airstone and it’s dead silent and has just the right amount of flow.

When not feeding fry I’m doing weekend hatches for my planted community tank. Harvesting half of them the first day and gutloading the rest with chlorella powder for a follow up feed the next day. The Ziss Hatchery makes all of this so easy and convenient.

The only negative comment I have seen about these that has any credibility for me, is that getting your hands under the base can be tight. This new version sold here with the extended legs solved it. Get the right sized plastic container, and harvesting is similar to, and as easy as pouring a pint of beer from a tap..

I can’t say enough how long I’ve been waiting for this and how happy I am with the purchase. We are truly living in a golden age for aquarium equipment.

Michael H. (Benson, MN, US)
I’ve ordered a second

This is such a great product I’ve ordered a second. It’s great for hatching brine shrimp eggs (I do buy mine from Aquarium Co-op). I mostly keep guppies, sword tails, and neon tetra. They all go crazy and their colors pop when fed baby brine shrimp. This shrimp hatchery is so easy to use, even I am able to do it. Watch Aquarium Co-op’s video on how to use it and your fish will thank you. It’s also a great way to feed any baby fish in your tank.

David C. (Laramie, WY, US)
I Love this brine shrimp hatchery

This hatchery works amazing I really do like it compared to the plastic water bottle set up that I had where you cut the bottom off and have a special special cap that you can stick airline hose to and it bubbles. Way more convenient and I can hatch out brine shrimp in 24 hours. But I prefer to wait for 48 hours so that I just get the most hatched. the one thing that I would really say that was slightly inconvenient about unboxing this brine shrimp hatchery is that There’s a little plastic bag that comes in and I thought that you could just pull the tape off, and I actually ended up breaking the thermometer on accident just opening it which was a little bit of a bummer. It still works completely fine. I have it in between two of my aquariums so the temperature is fine. It would just be nice to have the information but unfortunately I broke the thermometer on accident.

Rebecca R. (Soquel, CA, US)
Makes hatching easy!

I really enjoy this brine shrimp hatchery. I've never hatched brine shrimp before but this hatchery (along with the co op eggs and salt) made the process easy and gives me great yield.