Anubias Barteri

Scientific Name: Anubias barteri var. barteri

Care Level: Easy

Biotope: Africa

Temperature Range: 68° -  80°F

Anubias are wonderful beginner plants, doing well in a wide range of conditions. Endemic to  Africa they can be found growing in streams, rivers, and even marshes. Preferring more subdued lighting, their genus gets its name from the Egyptian god Anubis, from often being found growing in shaded areas.

Anubias are rather slow growers, with ideal conditions they typically will grow a new leaf every 3 weeks or so. You can get anubias to grow faster under high lighting conditions with injected CO2.


Anubias can be planted in a wide variety of ways, typically preferring being attached to a surface allowing water to flow over their roots. When planting anubias in substrate take care not to bury the rhizome of the plant, the rhizome is the thickest part of the plant where the leaves and roots sprout from.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Plants

I bought this plant for my tank with my Common Pleco and he actually leaves it alone. It great! Easy to grow on a rock

Love them !

My first order from Co-Op. I just couldn't believe how big and healthy these plants are. The box they came in was packed exactly as you would want . They couldn't have done a better job. Will order more. Thanks to Cory and his team.

Dan in San Antonio

Two plants arrived in great shape. Nice and large. I glued them to some rocks and they make my tank look beautiful. Thanks to Cory and his team. I will continue to get my plants from him.

Anubias barteri var. barteri

The Anubias arrived in superb condition. The plant itself is magnificent. Please consider offering additional species of this most wonderful plant family. Thank you and know that I will be ordering additional items from Aquarium co-op.

They're huge

Plants came in big and healthy. Definitely will be ordering more.

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